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How to Add Business to Giasly?

Giasly is a hyperlocal startup for Local businesses to help them boost their business locally and globally. To Start with the Giasly, one has to create an account and List their Business with us.

Why List your Business on Giasly?

  • A free Business Page that will help your customers find you online via our platform.
  • Reach out to your Customers.
  • You will get Free Inquiries as Part of our Free Member.
  • Get a Weekly Digest of Mails and the best of what happened in your category.


  • An Email Account for Email Verification of the Business.
  • 5 Minutes of your time.

So, if you are ready to add your Free Business, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Homepage of Giasly and click on Free Listings or directly click here.
  2. Submit all your details as mentioned in the Form of Free Listing Page.
    List Business
  3. Once you hit Submit. Please wait for a while and it will ask you to verify your Mobile Number. Please Note:  If your Mobile Number is already verified, then you must log in with OTP to continue to log in and then create your Business from the User Dashboard.
  4. Enter the OTP Sent to your Mobile Phone to confirm your Mobile Number. This is very important as we will send the Inquiry Details of the Customer on this Number.
  5. Now open your Email Address which you have used to Signup on the Platform. Click on the Confirmation Link given in the email to verify your email account.
  6. Now you will receive a Welcome Email from us, wishing you Congratulations for joining us and the next steps.
  7. Now you can log in to your account and this will take you to the Dashboard Page.
  8. From here you can edit your Profile to make your Profile 100% Complete.
  9. Now Click on Manage Business on your Left Navigation Pane.
  10. Click on Update Business to add your Business Details on the Platform.
  11. Once you enter all the details on the platform, you will receive a thank you email from us stating that your Business is Under Provisioning and will be activated once it is approved from our side.
  12. Wait for 1-2 Days, once we verify your business account details manually after our review process, we will let you know by email.

That’s it. Sounds too Difficult. You can also contact us and we will add your business details over the phone for free.

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